Covid-19 - Business RE-OPEN!!

Covid-19 Virus

Hello Beloved Clients!

It’s been quite the whirlwind of events so far, but ITS TRUE! Registered Massage Therapy as well as other paramedical services have officially been allowed to RE-OPEN under the terms and guidelines of the covid-19 protocols. 

The Down Lo: How to have the best client experience during this time of COVID!


- You have traveled outside of the territory in the past 14 days

- If you have been in contact with people who are unwell or have traveled. 

- If you yourself are unwell, and/or have symptoms such as a runny nose, difficulty breathing, loss of smell or taste, fever or cough. 

Any appointments canceled because you are unwell will NOT be subject to the 24-hour cancellation fee! Please still always give as much notice as possible when cancelling!

Come ON TIME for your scheduled appointment (NOT EARLY). This will help limit overlap between clients coming in and out.

I will be sourcing some PPE over the next few days, and plan to have a hand sanitizer station ready at the front door. Feel free to bring your own mask to your appointment if you feel more comfortable that way. I will also be attempting to source masks to be provided if needed. 

I want to say thank you for all of the check in’s and support I received throughout being shutdown. It means alot, and really reinforces why I do this. You really are the best clients ever and I appreciate you all so much!! 

Thank you!!


Hello & Welcome to In balance Massage & Yoga!


Steph & In Balance

Stephanie Padfield, RMT2200 | RYT200

Originally from Calgary, Ab. Go Flames Go! I have lived in the Yukon for five years now. The north has really grown on me and the sense of community up here is powerful. Although northern living can be a struggle at times, I can’t imagine being anywhere else and having the same sense of wonder, adventure, and freedom as I have here in the Yukon. I have been a practicing massage therapist for just over 10 years, additionally receiving my yoga teacher certification in 2014. I believe there are many ways to wellness. I have chosen to both practice, and teach, the modalities that have most benefited me to this point. And I want to pass the wisdom along to you!

Namaste -S


What can Massage do for me?

Swedish Massage | Sports/Rehabilitative | Pre/Post Natal | Relaxation | Myofascial Cupping

Massage therapy can be helpful for a variety of ailments you may never have thought possible. TMJ or jaw pain, headaches, carpal tunnel symptoms, lymph fluid build up, pain and/or swelling, pre & post pregnancy, post injury and/or surgical rehabilitation (*with doctor/physio approval), frozen shoulder, joint/muscle pain and/or stiffness, postural pain/stiffness arising from a desk job, or other sedentary types of work. Massage therapy also works great in combination with other modalities such as physiotherapy, chiropractic’s and acupuncture. 

See more below!


Do Yoga!

Ashtanga | Vinyasa Flow | Restorative & Yin Yoga | Mental Health & Yoga | Therapeutic Yoga 

Yoga not only compliments massage therapy by way of after care and continued muscle conditioning, but it also helps me as a massage therapist keep my own muscles and body systems in check, further contributing to my daily balance & wellness. Yoga truly is for anyone who wants to utilize it, and can be modified for all types of restrictions and/or conditions that may affect body movements or motion.

*Both personal and group sessions available, see below for more details.

An Alternative Approach

Treatments are tailored to meet your individual needs with a client centered approach that can include a variety of diverse treatment styles and modalities available when you need it.  


Services/Price list | All prices include GST

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Drop me a line with the details of your next yoga endeavor for custom pricing based on your unique needs.